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Globus Certifications is committed to providing high-quality services to its customers. We offer training services for ISO standards, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to clients all across the globe. We provide instructor-led classroom/online training in the following areas:

ISO Training Courses

Overview of ISO Standards:

This ISO training is designed to help you understand the key features of ISO standards including basic concepts, terminology and overview of standard requirements.

ISO Internal Auditor Training Course:

This is an important ISO training course since the organisation needs an internal auditor to check for compliance. Internal audits are crucial since they help in finding areas of non-conformance before external audits are carried out.

Types of Six Sigma Training Courses

Yellow Belt Training:

This is considered to be the beginner’s course since a professional learns the foundational elements of the Six Sigma Methodology. After successfully completing this training, the professional can lead limited improvement projects.

Green Belt Training:

This training course deals with the advanced elements of Six Sigma where a professional understands how to properly implement, perform, interpret and apply Six Sigma principles. Professionals can lead complex improvement projects under a Certified Black Belt. After completing this course.

Black Belt Training:

This is the expert level course that gives professionals that equips them with the knowledge to lead complex improvement projects.

Lean Training Courses

Learn Introductory Course:

This training course is the introductory course to the Lean philosophy. Professionals understand the Lean principles and also the philosophy behind them.

Tools Selection Criteria:

If you want to implement lean principles, you need to know which tools will get you the desired results. This training course is designed to help you understand the selection criteria for tools.

Execution of Tools:

You will understand how to make the most of the tools for Lean methodology by attending this training. It is an advanced course that helps you understand Lean principles and how to implement them in an organization.

Why Globus Certifications

Global Certifications offers a wide range of training courses in Canada for organisations, big and small. From ISO to Lean and Six Sigma, we help organisations get the desired results fast. Get in touch with us at for details.

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